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DID PhoneDepartment
4City Attorney541-926-5505City Manager's Office
4City Manager's Office Staff541-917-7500City Manager's Office
5Building Division541-917-7553Community Development
5Planning Division541-917-7550Community Development
6Accounts Receivable541-917-7533Finance
6Finance Staff541-917-7500Finance
9Administration / Non-Emergency (611 Lyon Street SE)541-917-7700Fire
9Ambulance Billing / FireMed541-917-7710Fire
12Employment Verification541-917-7515Human Resources
12Job Message Line541-917-7509Human Resources
13IT Staff541-917-7599Information Technology
14Carnegie Library (302 Ferry Street SW)541-917-7585Library
14Carnegie Library Children's Room541-917-7588Library
14Main Library (2450 14th Avenue SE)541-917-7580Library
14Main Library Children's Room541-917-7583Library
14Main Library Circulation541-917-7581Library
14Main Library Reference Desk541-917-7582Library
16Court Payments (333 Broadalbin Street SW)541-917-7740Municipal Court
17Administration (333 Broadalbin Street SW)541-917-7777Parks & Recreation
17Albany Community Pool (2150 36th Avenue SE)541-967-4521Parks & Recreation
17COOL! Pool (705 Railroad Street SE)541-917-7751Parks & Recreation
17Maple Lawn Preschool (September - May only)541-917-7753Parks & Recreation
17Senior Center (489 Water Avenue NW)541-917-7760Parks & Recreation
23Administration / Non-Emergency (2600 Pacific Boulevard SW)541-917-7680Police
23Code Compliance / Enforcement541-917-7680Police
23Evidence / Property541-917-7685Police
28Albany Transit System541-917-7667Public Works
28Call-A-Ride (for seniors & individuals with disabilities, TDD service available at 541-917-7762)541-917-7770Public Works
28Engineering (333 Broadalbin Street SW)541-917-7676Public Works
28Linn Benton Loop Bus541-917-7667Public Works
28Operations / Report Road Hazards (310 Waverly Drive NE)541-917-7600Public Works
28Utility Billing Payments (333 Broadalbin Street SW)541-917-7547Public Works
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