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Smoke Alarm Recall

smoke alarm recall front
smoke alarm recall back
smoke alarm recall side

The Albany Fire Department has received notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, that the Kidde dual-sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke alarms that the Fire Department installs in Albany homes recalled. The recall affects Kidde model PI9010.

Residents who received a smoke alarm from Albany Fire Department from September 2016 - January 2018 should remove smoke alarm and look for a yellow cap (see photographs) that was left on during the manufacturing process. These yellow caps can cover one of two smoke sensors and compromise the smoke alarm's ability to detect smoke, posing a risk that consumers may not be alerted to a fire in their home.

If you find a yellow cap, or you are unable to check your smoke alarm, call the Fire Department at 541-917-7700 and staff will come to your home, check the alarms, and replace them.

For more information regarding the recall, visit: