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The Planning Commission oversees implementation of the City's Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission reviews and approves or denies applications for various types of land uses. In addition, the Planning Commission is currently overseeing the update of the City's Comprehensive Plan as part of the state-mandated Periodic Review process.

Each Councilor has one counterpart and must make nomination from their own ward.  The Mayor has three nominations who are at large.  Members must live within the Albany city limits; no more than four members shall be from any single city ward. There are limits on the number of members engaged in the same form of employment.

Required by ORS 227.020 and duties described by AMC 2.16


Term of office: 4 years

JoAnn Miller C8/24/2016Ward 3-a12/31/2022 1st
Dala Rouse5/24/1995Ward 1-a12/31/2022 7th
Theodore Bunch, Jr.1/27/2021Mayor12/31/2023
VacantAPPLYWard 2-a12/31/2023
Diane Hunsaker VC8/23/2017Mayor12/31/2023 1st
Bill Ryals
1/13/2021Ward 1-b12/31/2024 1st
Jackie Montague5/11/2022Ward 2-b12/31/2024
Sonja Neperud
real estate broker
1/27/2021Mayor12/31/2025 1st
Karen Cardosa9/28/2022Ward 3-b12/31/2025

*Appointments within six months of position start date are considered full term.
C = Chair, VC = Vice Chair

Staff Liaison

David Martineau
Planning Supervisor

Upcoming Meetings

December 5, 2022, 5:15pm
Council Chambers, City Hall

December 12, 2022, 5:30pm
Planning Commission and City Council Joint Meeting
Council Chambers, City Hall

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Meeting Materials

November 14, 2022   
October 24, 2022
Special meeting with City Council
October 17, 2022  Available after meeting 
August 15, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
August 8, 2022
Special meeting with City Council
August 1, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
July 18, 2022   
June 27, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
June 20, 2022  
June 13, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
May 16, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
May 2, 2022  
April 18, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
April 4, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
March 21, 2022
Special meeting with City Council
March 14, 2022  
February 28, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
February 14, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
January 3, 2022
(Meeting canceled)
*Minutes are posted when they are approved by the body at a subsequent meeting.

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Member & Staff Manual

This manual is intended to function as both a guideline and a governing framework for the City’s standing and ad hoc advisory groups.

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