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Scheduled ACA maintenance:

  • Mon, 7:30-7:45 a.m.

End times are approximate. You can always email us for assistance.

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For permits closed prior to November 17, 2014, click here.



Updates to e-Permitting in Accela Citizen Access

Here are the enhanced services now offered though our e-Permitting site:

Building Permit Applications

You are now able to apply for all building permits, provide construction documents, and pay for review fees in a single transaction.

Public Works Applications

We are also excited you can now apply for Encroachment and Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control applications.

ePlans (Electronic Plan Review)

Project Dox has been retired. Electronic plan review is now integrated into our Accela Citizen Access system allowing you to create an application, submit your plans, and monitor application status without waiting for an invitation to a separate system.

Updated Record Statuses

Better track your projects through the ePlans process with clearer record statuses: know when an application may have been deemed incomplete, when a plan review letter is available, when fees are due, and when the permit is issued. A full list and definitions of existing and new statuses is available in our guides and tutorials.

Planning Application (coming soon)

Soon you will be able to apply with a single application for all of your planning cases with a corresponding application checklist for the style of application.

Need assistance?

Our goal is to have a streamlined process that you can easily navigate 24-hours a day, as such we have created several useful guides and tutorials to assist you. If you have questions, need additional assistance, or experience a glitch, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us, and our staff will assist you during our normal business hours.

2021 Oregon Specialty Codes

The published Residential (ORSC), Plumbing (OPSC), Electrical (OESC), and the Energy Efficiency (OEESC) codes are posted online and are viewable in a read only format. All applications will now utilizes these codes as their basis for the design and installations.  In preparation for the 2021 codes, we have created the following inspection checklists as part of our quality assurance program.

COVID-19 Response

The Building Division’s COVID response continues to provide inspection services to your projects with a few changes in service to ensure protection for you, your customers, and our staff.

  • Inspections are primarily conducted in the AM.
  • In occupied buildings, all parties will need to wear approved masks during the inspection and maintain 6-feet distance.
  • Due to staff availability, we will be limiting the number of inspections in a day and may need to roll inspections over to another business day.

We understand these changes impact your projects and we tried to develop safeguards that can allow us to continue to provide inspections while minimizing impacts to your projects.

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